Payroll Processing Services

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Put off by payroll? We’ll keep you on track.

As a business owner, you know that doing payroll tasks can be time-consuming and stressful. Which is why more businesses are using the payroll processing services of Jebran & Abraham.

Full-Service Payroll Processing

Our dedicated payroll specialists can take care of all your payroll requirements, including direct deposit schedules, payment processing, deductions and tax payments, and complete payroll reporting including W-2, W-3 and 1099 processing.

On-time and Compliant

We know how important it is that all payroll reporting and filings are processed on time, and that they are compliant with up-to-date payroll regulations. This gives you peace of mind. Rely on us to make your payroll process a smooth one and get back to focusing on the business you love.

You Stay Informed

We also keep you informed all the way, through our advanced online platform. It gives you access to all of your payroll records on demand — whenever you need them.

Let’s face it, doing payroll yourself has become more complicated than ever. Schedules, deductions, government programs, changes… But with our help, it’s easy — and cost effective — to part ways with your own payroll duties. This means your business stays compliant, and you stay in control (without the headaches).

Affordable, quick and easy payroll for small businesses

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  • Complete Payroll Processing
    • Affordable, quick and easy payroll for small businesses
    • All 50 states, including federal and local taxes
    • Direct deposit and pay cards
    • Multiple schedules and pay rates
    • Unlimited payrolls
  • Compliance
    • Payroll tax filings
    • Tax payments and W-2s
    • Help completing W-4s and I-9s
  • Integrations & Support
    • Accounting
    • Time-tracking
    • New employee setup
    • New hire report filing
    • Help and advice

Need Tax Support at Your Fingertips? You’ll Love Our Online BOSS™!

The BOSS™ (Back Office Support System) takes care of all of the financial details you don’t want to for one low monthly fee.
It works just like a support team, freeing you up for the things you do best.

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